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Don't Be Scared

Title: Don't Be Scared
Pairings: Ian Hecox/Anthony Padilla
Rating/Warnings: none
Summary: This was for #smoshficday2015
Author's Notes: Enjoy the fic!
Previous Chapters: none

It's only eight in the morning and Ian is nervous as fuck.

He's flying to Washington D.C., and he's (he thinks it's quite ridiculous though) deathly afraid of planes and flying in general. He doesn't know how his fear began, he just knows he has it and that it's bad. Now, combine him and a six hour flight, and you'll have three barf bags, one peanut container, and a very confused Anthony Padilla.

When Ian was boarding the plane, he met his unlucky seat-mate, Anthony. Anthony seemed generally concerned about how Ian was shaking and his skin was deathly pale, voicing his concerns deemed to be harder than it looked through, since Ian had given him a terrified glance and was desperately clutching Anthony's jacket after the young man asked him what was wrong and placed a hand on his shoulder.

It was sort of endearing though.

Well, as endearing as watching a frightened deer hold on to you could be.

He helped Ian onto the plane and sat them both down, trying to keep him from running out of the plane as they were waiting for take off.

As time 's ticking closer to departure, Ian starts to become a little more pale (if that's even possible).

They're sitting close together and Ian is hiding his face in Anthony's arm as the flight attendants start telling everyone to buckle up and prepare for take off. At this, Ian pops his face up and opens his eyes wide in terror. Looking back and forth from Anthony's slightly amused face and the window, Ian begins to open his mouth and lets out a quiet shriek.

As soon as he starts to get louder and people begin to stare, Anthony starts to panic. "Ian, hey! Shut up, man!" He whispers, poking Ian's cheek as the smaller man is frozen in fear. Just then, the plane starts to move and Ian starts screaming even louder, tears trickling down his cheeks.

It seems as though everyone in the plane is staring at them now, and Anthony is freaking out because he can't get Ian to shut the fuck up.

So, he kisses him.

It's just a passionless open-mouthed kiss really, but it gets Ian flutter his eyes shut and close his lips a bit. As Anthony pulls away, Ian stares at him in wonder and peacefulness, a small smile tugging at his lips. "T-thank you." He stutters, blushing slightly.

Anthony shoots him a grin, slipping his arm around Ian.

"You're welcome, dude. I'm just glad you're not scared anymore."