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You are Michael

Title: You Are Michael

Author: lavenderpisha09

Pairings: Ian/Anthony, Anthony/Male OC

Rating: R

Genre: Angst (???)

Summary: You are Michael. Or at least, you are most days.

Not today, it seems. Today, you are Ian. You are Ian because the man who’s slowly rolling his hips as he thrusts into you on a thin mattress in a seedy motel room is whispering that name like it’s a prayer you are not supposed to be privy to. You are Ian because the moment the man looked at you on that sidewalk, you only had to wait a couple of seconds before he took you up on your offer. You are Ian because the man is looking into your blue eyes with desperation in his own brown ones.

Author's Notes: I’m still working on those prompts, guys, don’t worry. I’m just taking a break from writing them (which is a fancy way of saying that I’m not yet finished writing them). This fic is very experimental, so beware. I hope you guys like it anyway.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Smosh. I don’t make money from this.

Fic is here.